Amie "Da'at"

Lighthearted, charismatic, performer


Da’at the Acrobat.

-What would you as a player like to see in this game and from your character?
Intrigue and roleplaying. Complicated mysteries. Spooky stuff. Developing complex and interesting relationships with NPCs.
-List 10 things your character is good at?
Sneaking, Performing, Making things, Networking, Lying, Loving, Persuasion, Care taking, Letting things slide for the greater good, Lingusitics.
-List 5 things your character is bad at?
Sitting on the sidelines, Receiving criticism from non-family, Knowing when stop, Sitting still, Cooking, Managing extreme emotions, Letting people go. Social graces.
-What does your character like?
Positive attention, Preforming, Cuddling, Family, Caring for and being cared for by family, Being taught new skills, Having conversations, Sex.
-What does your character dislike?
Horses, Being browbeaten, Being separated from those she loves, Nobles, Stubborn people, Killing.
-What is your character’s recent life like?
She’s been separated from everyone she loves and her support network. She’s had to face mortality and the consequences of her actions for the first time. She’s had to deal with the responsibility of making her own choices. She’s currently suffering from PTSD.
-Why is your character genuinely deserving of friendship?
Intensely loyal, sometimes to a fault. Genuinely loving. Usually is quite fun.
-Why is your character genuinely deserving of trust?
When she gives her word, she’ll keep it. She is intensely loyal, and will put the people she loves before herself. All of her actions are governed towards keeping her family safe.
-How did you end up in your profession?
She was adopted into the Cirque due Soldat. She spent her early years with an acrobat who taught her her skills and earned the tolerance of a knife thrower mercenary.
-How did you learn your skills?
Partly through rigorous training provided by the circus to its members. Partly through personal motivation to mimic Samson to earn his respect.
-What do you think is worth struggling for?
Her family’s wellbeing and happiness.
-What is Right to your character?
She has a very family based morality where if something benefits her family it is right. Also keeping her word.
-What does your character want to change?
She wants to put an end to the undead war. Henri’s scowl.
-What is Wrong to your character?
Anything that hurts her family. Corruption; people who wield power to their own gain as opposed to the greater good. Acting like you’re naturally superior to another person.
-If your character were put in charge of a team of people how would they feel? What would they do? Why?
She’d want to take everyone’s personal considerations into mind so she’s less of a leader and more of a mediator. She’d be uneasy with it because the circus did not consider her for a leadership position, so she doesn’t feel she’s qualified. She’d also feel stressed because she wouldn’t have room for her own immaturity; she’d have to grow up too fast.
-How does your character deal with being told what to do? By a superior? By an equal? By someone lesser?
If she respects them then she’d consider them superior, and would follow their orders instantly although tempered by her own reasoning. She would discuss the orders with an equal. She would ignore the orders of someone lesser.
-What are your character’s short term goals? Mid term goals? Long term goals?
Short: Deliver Caelwich to Orguiel. Check in with the circus.
Mid: Discover the intentions of Elreth. Take Elreth down if necessary. Contribute to ending the undead war and Saladinian war. Become legendary.
Long: Discover her needs and reconsider if she will start her own circus or return to her family. Have children.
-Spend at least 12 points below.
Sins and Virtues Table
Pride 2
Kindness 3
Gluttony 2
Lust 3
Anger 2
Charity/Generosity 3
Diligence 3
-What was your childhood like?
Good. She spent a lot of time with Amina who wasn’t too much older than Da’at. Amina later became the caretaker of the children in the circus. She spent a lot of her time and energy trying to earn the love and respect of Samson. She had a drake friend who was first her older brother, then her younger brother, then like her adopted son because of the difference in their rates of ageing and maturity.
-What was your youth (depending on current age) like?
It was spent performing and travelling from town to town with the circus. Took her first mercenary job, a delivery, at age 12. Began solitary mercenary work at 15. Her work was deemed satisfactory by the circus.
-Have one of the following for every couple years after a character’s childhood.
Life Events Table
1. Death in the family
2. Death of a friend
3. Unhappy love affair
4. Serious injury/illness
5. Lost mentor
6. Financial problem
7. Made an enemy
8. Professional failure
9. Social fallout
10. Nothing special
11. New family member
12. Converted enemy to friend
13. Happy love affair
14. Found mentor
15. Lucky
16. Financial windfall
17. Made a friend
18. Improved status
19. Professional success
20. Heroic deed
Current age: 17
17: Left the circus temporarily.
15: First solitary mercenary work.
14: Samson softens and sees her as his apprentice.
12: First courier job.
8: Began performing in small roles.
6: Samson allowed her to handle his knives.

-What makes your character incredibly angry?
Disloyalty. Her family in danger.
-What makes your character terribly afraid?
Being trapped physically, legally, emotionally. Losing family.
-What would your character make sacrifices for?
Desperate people.
-Have at least 2 foes, and 2 friends. These can be individuals or groups, but should not be all one or the other. The PC or NPC does not need to be aware that they are the friend/foe of the PC.
    -Possible friend types: Mentor, Family, Informant, Merchant, Ally, Comrade-in-Arms, Patron.
    -Possible foe types: Feuder, Person of Authority, Superior, Family, Rival/Peer, Mole,

Henri de Chienville
Caelwich Egalite-Orguiel
Dallia Iceheart
Cirque du Soldat

Lord Hiroshi Daitora
Crocodile Horse Lords

Lord Therle
The Matron
Wulfgar Hanarson

-What does your character regret?
Leaving the circus. Placing trust in people who were undeserving. Becoming close to people she’s going to lose. Failing to save Theoren.
-Are there any side quest worthy problems that plague your character?
What’s the deal with Lord Therle? Is he evil or not? Making sure the circus is still alright. Removing Daitora from power.
-Why would the party let your character accompany them?
She’s useful for constructing equipment. She’s generous with her earnings. She’s very skilled at stealth. She’s good natured.
-What does your character look like?
She has brown skin, hook nose, full lips. She’s 5’1” with a slim muscular build. Long black braided hair with lockpicks concealed within. Cute, but not beautiful. She often wears brown tights with a green or blue tunic. Over this she often wears hardened leather greaves (made from crocodile hide) and vambraces (made from triceratops hide). Occasionally she wears a red reversible tabard with a black death jester on one side and a multicoloured jester on the other. She keeps her decorative throwing daggers on her wrists in their sheathes, which she uses to impress people. Her belt holds numerous regular throwing daggers. She’s most commonly seen with her fan blade.

Amie "Da'at"

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