Atsuko Tsurii

Strong willed Katese noble


Atsuko is the eldest daughter of Lord Tsurii, a minor lord with lands a short distance outside of Shufu. Her father betrothed her to Minoru Maguro to unite their families. However their marriage is in flux after Lord Tsurii’s death.

Atsuko accompanied Da’at, Theoren, and Henri to her father’s manor in a bid to assassinate Lord Daitora, the soon to be minister of agriculture. This plan went awry when Daitora began killing innocents and the party intervened. In the ensuing battle, where Atsuko fought to her best ability with her father’s katana, Tsurii manor was burned to the ground and everyone was killed. Or so Daitora and his companion the candle keeper Fukuro believed. In truth Atsuko, Da’at, and Henri managed to barely survive the flames.

With her family and servants dead Atsuko returned with the party to Shufu and reunited with her fiancee.

Atsuko Tsurii

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