Coraline de Valcœur

Dazzling, charismatic, fencer


Striking Saintborn Fencer
Assassin 1/Burglar 1/Soldier 1/Explorer 1


It makes sense now how a tailor’s daughter from a small village in Terre des Sept could become a student of the most renowned fencing academy in the nation and secure a position with the Foreign Service. Coraline never knew her father, and her mother never divulged any details. However, after a climactic battle in a cave on the road to Ahlan, she was seemingly snapped in half by the powerful jaws of a monstrous creature. However, her companions did not find her in two pieces from the fatal attack. In fact, they found no pieces at all. Her material possessions remained, but her body had vanished inexplicably.

Surrounded by a warm light, she met a man who revealed his identity as her father. He was the saint of Love, and he warned of a great peril that would soon envelop the world. The Seven had all passed on from the mortal world, and he lamented that their lessons had been cast aside. What people called Justice was often no more than vengeance, and Love was the name oft bestowed to callous, uncaring lust. This had to change, for the times were bleak indeed.

An ancient immortal force had been released and would leave naught but war and death in its wake. He had done what he could through Coraline’s life to set her on the right path, and had manipulated events as well as he could, separated as he was from the mortal realm. Her journey up until that point had not been a result of coincidence, including her death from the vile burrowing monster. She would be returned to life, for despite her divine heritage, she was still mortal, and that fact was the key to the salvation of the world. This ancient force, newly awoken, was immortal, but it could yet be slain. Only mortal souls had the power to unmake an immortal essence, and so Coraline rejoined her companions in order to fulfill her destiny.

Unfortunately Coraline was not strong enough to do so. During an attempt on the life of her host in Sultha, the Matron, Coraline was slain by a giant rock monster. Her body disappeared leaving nothing behind… except for maybe a wing in the hands of an elven flesh mage on Gurthesteltol.

Coraline de Valcœur

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