Gibodo "the Bastard"

Grim, fatalistic, bastard.


Gibodo grew up in the tough streets of Scum Slum, a poor neighbourhood in Homlan City. To escape this situation he joined the legion and was stationed on Homlan’s Northern border, just North of Fallend. There he learned how to fight with the Homlish short sword, but never really took to the shield or line fighting. A skirmish with the Hawk Horse Lords destroyed his outpost and killed everyone but himself. Seeing an opportunity he flew into the Long Plains as a mercenary.

Unfortunately for him his luck remained sour despite his skill at combat. The first trouble he ran into was in Terre Des Sept where he began having sex with noblewoman. Her husband found out and he challenged Gibodo to a duel. During the fight the Terrien destroyed most of Gibodo’s legionnaire gear, and so Gibodo resorted to beating the man’s skull in with his shield. He then took the noble’s longsword and fled the country.

In Tachd he encountered a Zi Youn noble that was gathering a group of mercenaries to retrieve his family’s heirloom wooden blade from the ruins of Gang Ku. This too went awry as the undead ambushed the group deep inside the city. Gibodo barely made it out alive and eventually returned to Tachd empty handed.

He decided to try his luck in Crosston where he met Coraline de Valcouer in a bar. He impressed her with his ability and she recommended him to the Terrien ambassador for a job. He was hired along with Da’at, Chen, and later Noriko. After saving the followers of Love that had been kidnapped the group took on the task of finding the Terrien prince Caelwich and his bodyguard Henri. The group followed the trail to Homlan City, Gibodo taking on another identity to bypass the border guards. They managed to rescue Henri and continued on Caelwich’s trail. However between the Homlish border and Crosston the group encountered two Queen’s Men mercenaries that were looking for Gibodo. The mercenaries were prepared to leave until Gibodo attacked them. In the ensuing fight Gibodo was captured in a net and dragged off by one of the mercenary’s rhino. Gibodo was last seen being dragged away and is presumed dead.

Gibodo "the Bastard"

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