Henri deChienville

Dour Terrien Bodyguard


Henri, traveling as Roderick Garcon, is bodyguard and best friend to prince Caelwich Orgueil-Egalite. He is secretly in love with Caelwich though barely acknowledges this fact himself.

-List 10 things your character is good at?
Standing with allies, Knowing when to retreat, Standing his ground, Knowing his morals aren’t absolute, Protecting others, Watching for trouble, Riding, Following orders, Taking hits, Scowling.

-List 5 things your character is bad at?
Lying, Convincing people he’s right, Dealing with his feelings, Understanding others, Creating complex plans.

-What does your character like?
Soft beds, justice served, Caelwich’s smile, Da’at’s teasing, Riding a great horse.

-What does your character dislike?
Complex moral quandaries, Being disrespected, People that act only for their own interests, Elves, Norse.

-What is your character’s recent life like?
The last year and a bit has been spent guarding his childhood friend Caelwich. When Caelwich decided to flee his betrothal to the Saladinian queen Henri was uncomfortable with this but accompanied the prince to keep him safe. When he failed in this task he travelled the world in pursuit of his lost prince. After retrieving Caelwich Henri was finally able to relax a little and smile. However when he told Caelwich that he loved him and his love was rebuffed Henri became bitter and confused. He is now unsure where his life will lead him, and whether he can be around his former best friend.

-Why is your character genuinely deserving of friendship?
Henri is incredibly loyal and honest. He will stick with his allies even if he disagrees with their actions, but will state his discomfort plainly. He is willing to bend his own morals to accommodate his companions.

-Why is your character genuinely deserving of trust?
Henri doesn’t have a dishonest bone in his body. He has no ulterior motives and no tricks up his sleeve.

-How did you end up in your profession?
He was pushed into a martial lifestyle by his parents. Being the youngest of three sons he had few prospects for betrothal so joining the Coast Guard could bring honour to his family.

-How did you learn your skills?
Henri learned to ride as a child from his mother, one of the few joys they share. His resolve was built up over years of being bullied by his brothers, and later standing up for Caelwich in the royal court. These skills were further built when he joined the Coast Guard at 16, where he also learned how to fight in a group and with sword, shield, and lance.

-What do you think is worth struggling for?
Justice and his friends. Henri believes that no crime should go unpunished, but his friends come before even that goal.

-What is Right to your character?
Doing what is best for the squad. Sometimes the need to serve the group is more important to him than justice. Punishing criminals is also very important to him.

-What does your character want to change?
Henri’s most hated crime is corruption because the perpetrators are rarely punished. He wants to eliminate corruption wherever he encounters it.

-What is Wrong to your character?
Acting selfishly and ignoring crimes. He has trouble with this because often he must ignore crimes to ensure that his comrades are not unduly endangered.

-If your character were put in charge of a team of people how would they feel? What would they do? Why?
At first he would feel unsure because he’s never been in a position of authority, however once he was able to discern the group’s purpose he would direct all his energies towards accomplishing that goal. He’d lead from the front and hopefully inspire those under him through his actions.

-How does your character deal with being told what to do? By a superior? By an equal? By someone lesser?
He’s absolutely fine with being told what to do by superiors and, if he trusts them, equals. However someone he views as lesser will likely be wholly ignored unless Henri strongly agrees with the order.

-What are your character’s short term goals? Mid term goals? Long term goals?
Short: Get Caelwich to Terre Des Sept. Decide what to do with his life.
Mid: Acquire custom full plate.
Long: Protect Terre Des Sept from the undead.

Sins and Virtues Table
Humility 2
Kindness 2
Abstinence 1
Chastity 3
Patience 2
Charity 2
Dilligence 2

-What was your childhood like?
Henri grew up on his family’s estate outside the community of Chienville in the province of Egalite. Being the youngest of 3 sons there was little pressure on Henri from his parents. However his brothers both picked on him for being the youngest. His parents, too busy with running their lands and businesses, never corrected this behaviour and so Henri learned to stand firm by himself leading to his dour personality. At age 11 he was taken to the capital with his mother and brothers so that his mother could further improve the family business and possibly marry off her sons. There he met 4 year old prince Caelwich. Caelwich being the middle child in his family, but male, meant that he would never be ruler of Terre Des Sept and had no pressure much like Henri. Unlike Henri he wasn’t bullied by his older sister Celeste (a follower of justice) and so grew up soft. However Henri’s older brothers Guy and Chester were not so fair. Henri came to the young boy’s defence against his brothers and other young nobles who saw the chubby prince as a target. Despite their large age difference Henri and Caelwich grew close and were best friends when Henri left the capital at age 16.

-What was your youth (depending on current age) like?
When Henri left the capital Orguiel it was to join the Terrien military: the Coast Guard. Despite not knowing anyone in training, Henri was not lonely. His resolve served him well on the harsh Coast Road and other soldiers gathered to him as a dependable fellow. It was here that he learned that there was a difference between the teasing his comrades levelled his way and the bullying the court nobles targeted Caelwich with. Serving under La Marteau on the Coast Road reaffirmed his belief in Justice. During the 6 years he spent on the Coast Road he distinguished himself several times, each time adding another line to his facial tattoos as is tradition. Though some youths of Egalite get the tattoos as a show of where they are from Henri held off until he proved himself. His greatest feat which he was knighted for came after he had been in a battle defending a fishing village from Norse raiders. Having taken a hatchet to the ribs he remained in the village to heal while his squad ran down the raiders that fled inland. Shortly after they left a late small boat with a half dozen raiders arrived on the shores. Hearing the screams of the villagers Henri donned his armour and weapons despite his injury. When his comrades returned the only sign of the later attack was the longship on the shore. Henri didn’t want to take credit but the village elder told his sergeant about the incident, and she told their captain. Henri was knighted for his efforts and given a fine war horse named Lily. A couple years later at age 22 Henri returned to the capital as he was reassigned to be the bodyguard for prince Caelwich.

Life Events
Current Age: 24
24: Fled the Terrien royal entourage with Caelwich.
22: Returned to Orguiel to protect Caelwich.
19: Distinguished himself by defending a village alone.
16: Joined the Coast Guard under La Marteau.
11: Moved to Orguiel and met Caelwich.

-What makes your character incredibly angry?
People putting their own goals above the safety of his friends.

-What makes your character terribly afraid?
Failing in his duties.

-What would your character make sacrifices for?
His friends. Even justice won’t stand up to his loyalty.

Prince Caelwich: Despite their recent falling out Henri still cares deeply for Caelwich, and he knows that he can count on the prince. However, he’s not sure if he can be around him for much longer.
Da’at: The acrobat from Cirque du Soldat has saved his life on numerous occasions, not to mention being a major force behind rescuing prince Caelwich. He trusts her and considers her his best friend.
Army Buddies: Henri being in the male minority of the Coast Guard made him a target for much teasing from his comrades. He doesn’t mind because he knows he can trust them and they can trust him.
La Marteau: The General Lady Elise “La Marteau” was an inspiration of Justice to Henri. He respects her immensely. She knows who he is for being one of the few men under her command and one that distinguished himself just as much as the women she leads.

Helene de Chienville: Henri’s mother focuses the majority of her attentions on improving the family’s fortunes. This often puts her and Henri at odds as he feels that it is unjust for his family to be as selfish as it is. She only sees his accomplishments as resources which she can leverage in court.
Lord Hiroshi Daitora: Daitora almost killed Henri and Da’at and succeeded in killing Theoren. The man abuses his power and stains the name of justice every time he executes someone for “treason.” There has never been a person Henri wanted to murder until this man. The fact that he had to leave Daitora alive while pursuing Caelwich still hurts but he is confident he made the right decision.
“Sleazy” Slizmor the Saurian Slaver: Slizmor was the one who sold Henri to the Punch Bowl and Caelwich to the Elven Flesh Mage. Last Henri saw the slaver was locked up in Rhanaost but he knows the saurian is still out there.
Elves: Although Henri knows it is wrong to judge people he’s never met almost all of his interactions with elves have been extremely negative and this colours his perception of them in general.
Norse: Henri spent 6 years fighting on the Coast Road seeing the destruction that the raiders cause. Like the Elves he knows he shouldn’t judge but he also knows that the Elves are a diaspora and thus have a varied culture unlike the Norse.

-What does your character regret?
Henri regrets leaving the royal entourage with Caelwich. He regrets letting himself and Caelwich get captured by the robber Elves. He regrets telling Caelwich that he loves him.
-Are there any side quest worthy problems that plague your character?
Henri wants to find and kill Daitora. Justice or not.

-Why would the party let your character accompany them?
Henri is incredibly loyal and works well with others.

-What does your character look like?
Henri is 6’ tall with shaved black hair and brown eyes. His most prominent feature are the woad facial tattoos that cover the right side of his face, though the burn scars that cover the left side of his body are a close second. He has a strong build that is not especially stout. He carries himself like the professional soldier he is, straight backed and respectful, which intimidates some people. His years on the Coast Road taught him to always be ready and so he is almost always wearing armour. He trained with leather armour, and later chainmail, but has come to appreciate the hardened leather used by Homlish legionnaires that cover most of his body. Likewise the larger shields the Homlish use have replaced his Terrien cavalry shield, but he continues to favour the Terrien longswords of his homeland (keeping his Homlish shortsword as a back up weapon).

Henri deChienville

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