Lady Greyfang Archibald

Secret draconic ruler of Shallowvale


Lady Greyfang Archibald married the lord Arin Archibald of Shallowvale in a mutually beneficial relationship. She’d provide her might and knowledge in protecting the moderately sized farming community, while the lord would provide her with a safe and reliable home. To avoid an issues of decency a serving maid was trained in the ways of pretending to be lady Archibald while Greyfang assumed the guise of “Lady Archibald’s” protector. However, lord Archibald passed away only a couple years after his marriage to Greyfang. At that point the drake took control of Shallowvale but maintained the disguise of protector.

Hearing that her half brother Dallia Iceheart would be passing through Shallowvale Greyfang set up a checkpoint which was successful in apprehending the young half drake. Unfortunately this took resources away from dealing with the acidic slimes that had been plaguing the community. With her brother under her thumb she planned to manipulate him and turn him against their father whom she despises. However, the party paid Greyfang Dallia’s dowry of 800 silver and the youth was returned to them. In the process though Coraline revealed to the drake that the party was on an important mission but refused to reveal what that mission was. So Greyfang decided to keep Coraline. Da’at reluctantly gave up Chekhov’s Skull to Greyfang in exchange for Coraline.

She takes her position as protector of Shallowvale seriously and will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of the community.

Lady Greyfang Archibald

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