Lord Hiroshi Daitora

Sociopathic Katese minister of agriculture


Hiroshi Daitora is the emperor’s cousin and the recently appointed minister of agriculture. He is a sociopath and cares only for his own amusement. He does this by abusing his power, frequently making untenable demands of his subjects, particularly peasants. If they do not fulfill these demands then he will arrest or execute the peasant for treason.

Minoru Maguro and Atsuko Tsurii plotted to assassinate Daitora by hiring Theoren, Da’at, and Henri. However this plan went poorly as the would be assassins could not stand idly by while Daitora filled three peasants with arrows. Aided by his samurai body guards, candle keeper Shinji Fukuro, and his host Lord Tsurii, Daitora was able to survive the encounter and believes his attackers dead.

Lord Hiroshi Daitora

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