Noah Bin Waqafa

Mercantile family man


Noah bin Waqafa is a merchant and a merchant’s son. He travels between Waqafa and Anorost (where his wife Farqua, and daughter Aasfh live) trading goods. While in Anorost Billy befriended him in an effort to improve Noah’s security. Billy took a liking to him and the two bonded over several days. Eventually during a severe storm Billy (with much help from Chen) assisted with Farqua’s giving birth to their daughter, whom Farqua named Aasfh (Badikhayat for storm).

Noah and his parents (Osama and Issa) then hired the party to protect them as they traveled through the scorpion filled desert. Everyone arrived safely in Waqafa despite some encounters with the scorpions, secret snake people, and some human mercenaries working for an elven mage.

Noah Bin Waqafa

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