Stoic, angry, monk


Noriko is a monk from a monastery located on an island just off the coast of Suneku. She was left there as a child and grew up amongst the nature worshiping monks. However, the beliefs of the monks meant that women could never achieve enlightenment and so Noriko was unhappy with her lot in life. Eventually she was tasked with finding the Blade of the Godslayer which was originally wielded by the founder of the monastery. This was a task she was never truly expected to complete. So she took her friend Iko, a young tiger she believes to be her mentor reincarnated, and left the monastery determined to find the blade.

After traveling for a while she found herself in Crosston and was hired by Da’at, Gibodo, and Chen when they needed a tracker. This assignment was later formalized when she was hired by the Terrien embassy along with the others to find prince Caelwich.

Since then she has traveled the world with her companions. In Ahlan she is certain she died at the hands of the undead and met Nature’s reaper but Iko gave up his years to allow her to return to life. She rejoined the group and has been traveling with them since, her task of finding the Blade of the Godslayer falling somewhat by the wayside. However with the rising of Elreth and the undead finding the blade has become a priority for her companions as well as herself.


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