Sophia Hayden

Eager student of magic


Sophia ran away from her home in the Tree’s Teeth Mountaints when she was 6 because of her abusive father. She luckily found her way to Hayden’s Keep, a university fortress high in her home mountains. There she was able to pass the entrance exam by solving a mechanical puzzle and then answering philosophical questions satisfactorily. She remained in the Keep for 20 years studying a variety of topics. She fell in love with the topic of the universe and how everything fits together in some way. This made her a prime candidate to learn Star magic and there happened to be a mage to teach it to her at the university. She learned well under her mentor, being dubbed “the Starchild”, and began working on her thesis: the Grand Unifying Theory of Magic. After some time she realized she needed more information from outside of the Keep to complete her thesis. She found her way to Sultha in Badikhayat and a position as a librarian in the city’s archives. This was an excellent position as it allowed her to earn an income, converse with traveling scholars, and research in the archives themselves. While at the archives she met Da’at who was researching death gods, death of gods, true names, and something called the Blade of the Godslayer. These topics intrigued Sophia as they seemed relevant to her own studies. When she heard that Da’at and her companions were leaving Sultha she asked if she could accompany them and the group agreed.

In Terre des Sept, she was awarded a noble title by Queen Josephine for her part in helping return Prince Kaelwich safely. Lady Sophia Hayden the Starchild has accepted the position of Terrien ambassador to Homlan in light of the coming war, and hopes to find the connections between the war, the undead invasion, and the whispered returns of the ancient Homlish god of war and death.

Sophia Hayden

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