Thomas Mason

Homlish merchant


Thomas Mason is a merchant from Homlan City specializing in handling his brother Robert’s stonemason business. His brother’s skill drew the eyes of the Matron who brought the brothers to Sultha to work on a project of hers. However during their time in Badikhayat the brothers became separated by a sandstorm.

Thomas took shelter in a strange stone tower that seemed larger on the inside than on the outside. He was not there long before encountering Theoren, Da’at, Henri, and Noriko. With their aid he was able to leave the tower. He then accompanied the party to Shufu, as he was unprepared to travel the desert alone. In Shufu he found passage with a ship back to Homlan, but not before selling his quarter share in Pfenford Upon Eyre to Theoren for a single silver as thanks for saving his life.

Thomas Mason

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