This small region on the edge of the Flats is well known for its forest, hills, and resident ogres. The region has long had significance because of its easily defensible nature and containing the only land bridge between Terre Des Sept and Homlan. This has caused numerous skirmishes throughout the years as the Homlish Empire sought to control the region, specifically the land bridge, while the ogre residents continually struck out at their occupiers from the unconquerable hills.


Once an outpost of the Homlish Empire, Tachd has become the largest per capita grouping of ogres in the world. Tachd has always been of strategic importance being located on the only land bridge between the Flats and the Long Plains. After the Homlans retreated back across the plains, the ogres moved in. Now the town is run by a group of ogres and halflings who charge a toll for anyone wishing to use the land bridge. Those that try to sneak past are quite likely to get caught by an ogre patrol and soundly thrashed.

For anyone looking to hire an ogre, this is the place to go. There are always ogres who have been struck by wanderlust and have come down from the mountains seeking a profitable way out of Saoradh. Most find work guarding caravans which can take them wherever they desire to go.

Ogre Hills

In the hills and mountains of Saoradh are the farms of the ogres. They live in caves and simple hillside huts tending their livestock and crops. They have little to worry about because the mountains are a difficult place to live and travel in for any not born there, and even then few are foolish enough to harass an ogre, even ones that are just farmers.


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