Stati Unitta Citta

Stati Uniti Citta

The “nation” of Stati Uniti Citta (or United City States) is an agreed upon coalition of the islands that formerly made up the Homlish Empire’s primary vassal state. While ruled by the Homlans the islands were able to focus on their trades and as such became extremely skilled artisans and inventors. They were also frequently the stops for merchants traveling between the Soldier’s Sea and the Merchant’s Sea which allowed the cities to make money for little effort through taxation and fees.

When the Homlish Navy mutinied because they went unpaid, many ship captains found their way into the pockets of wealthy individuals from the islands. Years later, when the Homlish Empire sent a force to reconquer the islands the newly invented black powder weapons were used to great effect, despite their small numbers, and the invasion was repelled.

These new and effective weapons have begun to slowly spread across the world, but only the most skilled artisans are able to properly craft the firearms and the black powder recipes used are well guarded trade secrets. Only the scholars of Atfaal Min Saladin have been able to reverse engineer the technology.

There are 4 city states in the islands: Nord, Centro, Gruppo, and Gigantesco. Although publicly each claims brotherhood with the others, privately they wage “secret” war on each other and themselves. Nobles from each will hire mercenaries to attack nobles from other cities, their own city, and often their own guild. The islands are a hotbed of constant politics, espionage, and subterfuge. The only thing they can agree on is their hate for Homlan.


Fortezza, while technically a subordinate state of Centro, survives independently of the other cities. It’s able to do this because many of the ship captains of the former Homlish Navy landed here and conquered the native populace. The ships, sailors, and soldiers that make their home here are mercenaries through and through. However, they also have a certain bizarre loyalty to the islands born of a combination of their love for the freedom their home gives them, and the money the cities will pay them in times of dire need.

Stati Unitta Citta

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