Terre Des Sept

Terre Des Sept

The Land of the Seven is a large, fertile nation recently freed from the Homlish Empire. They are followers of the Seven Saints, heroes who helped bring freedom to Terre Des Sept and cultivated its growth once it gained that freedom. The Seven Saints represent the virtues of love, justice, prosperity, peace, enjoyment, confidence, and respect. It’s been noted that those who follow a specific saint, can trace their lineage to a saint, or simply live in the saint’s favoured province all have common traits.

Those who have a connection to the saint of love, Staph, are known for physical beauty, skillful sex, and dark hair and eyes. Rape is their most severe crime and their motto is “Love as you will.” Those who have a connection to the saint of justice, Atrose, are known for sternness, determination, woad tattoos, hard features, and their motto is “All deeds are justly rewarded.” Those who have a connection to the saint of prosperity, LaFlarz, are known for financial acumen, cunning, and their motto is “Everything is an opportunity.” Those who have a connection to the saint of peace, Walker, are known for patience, agreeability, and their motto is “Life should not be a constant struggle.” Those who have a connection to the saint of enjoyment, Sinest, are known for savouring everything, soft features, curiosity and their motto is “Make the mundane magical.” Those who have a connection to the saint of confidence, Halj, are known for being skilled, hard working, and their motto is “Make great all you do.” Those who have a connection to the saint of respect, Kalnon, are known for being friendly, negotiating, and their motto is “Every skill contributes.”

Heirs are matrilinear because only they guarantee royal blood. Thus eldest daughters are the heirs. This is mimicked by the peasantry, creating a matriarchal society. The royal bloodline is directly descended from the union of the saints of confidence and justice.

Despite the feats of the Seven, there are pagans that live outside of the main society, usually in secluded hills and valleys. They never had much contact with the Homlish Empire, so they don’t see why the seven are so special. The old gods of the pagans are creatures of Nature’s Revolt. They roamed the land more freely before the spread of humanity.

The kingdom is split into seven regions each with one of the Seven as its patron. Though the saints united it, there are still small regional skirmishes especially near unofficial borders. Recently the last of the Seven, Peace, has passed away, and many are unsure if the nation will survive under the rule of the Queen without support from the Seven.

Saintborn are the descendents of the Seven Saints. The saints were not chaste individuals (especially Love) and their children’s children make up a sizeable portion of the population. The nobility especially have a high percentage of saintborn. The purest Saintblood can be found in the Royal line who were spawned from the union of Justice and Confidence.

Raider’s Strait

Often the Norse raiders cross this stretch of water in their longships to pillage the coastal villages. The Coast Guard’s Road was built along its length to defend the peasants of the area. Unfortunately, this strait is also the only way to the North Sea without sailing into the frigid waters North of Nordhem. Merchant ships passing through the strait often hire escorts for fear of the Norse.

Terre Des Sept

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