The Matron

Wealthy unspoken ruler of Badikhayat


The Matron is an extremely wealthy businesswoman of Badikhayat. Although her exact age is unknown she is rumoured to be about 400 years old. As a mummy this is entirely possible. Who her sponsor into eternity was is currently unknown, however it is known that she chose Chenzira An Shut as her eternal child.

Her mansion and centre of power are located in Sultha the pseudo-capital of Badikhayat. Here she is in the middle of almost all the business that affects Badikhayat. This was seen in a dinner party she invited Da’at, Coraline, Gorbad, Henri, and Caelwich to where also in attendance were ambassadors from Jaraba and Katei.

Her manner is one of calm and respect but with a hint of superiority. Some suspect that she is often bored with the mortals she interacts with since they are all so deferential to her. Even the powerful drake Nightwing is cowed by her, but that may also be because she raised the drake to some degree.

The Matron is a beautiful woman who appears to be in her mid to late twenties. She has deeply tanned, smooth, unblemished skin skin. There are rumours that when her skin is damaged it is replaced with the skin of babies to keep it fresh. She has long black hair that reaches to the middle of her back. Often it is held tight, though still long, with golden clasps. The stitches that remain from her transition to eternity are subtle and she purposefully wears outfits that keep them hidden. Often these are yellow, gold and purple sarongs, though she will often wear fashionable pieces from the homelands of foreign dignitaries.

Although not confirmed many suspect that The Matron is a flesh mage in addition to her other skills.

The Matron

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